We tried and tried trying a few CDNs before we built our own. We found many very good, some very shy, and many... well, product without purpose.

Ok, what matters is why we built a new one

If you have different origins for different resources, or you are hosting a composite service that listens on different ports for different urls, or you have special needs, like streaming or SSL certificate (really, it's still considered as a special thing) or you want to change the mapping rules on-the-fly, even using regular expressions, you will find that most of them are not suitable for your needs.

Can I try it?

Sure you can. If you would like to start using our CDN service, please register an account on the Gininet CDN site and configure your first map. After that, your content is available in maximum ten seconds.

So what exactly does it do?

Gininet CDN is an auto-scaling, globally distributed, flexible content delivery network with a powerful API.


  • Up to unlimited rules1
  • No contract
  • Create rules based on method, host, url, cookie, header, location...
  • Add/edit/remove rules on-the-fly (API)
  • Rule propagation in max. 10 seconds
  • HTTP and HTTPS (requires a valid CA issued SSL certificate)
  • Balances load on your origin servers
  • Origin server health check
  • HTTPS termination at edge servers
  • Secures your origin servers
  • Understands, obeys and strips/rewrites cache-control headers
  • Alternative to AnyCast DNS2
  • Geo-fencing
  • and stats

It must be expensive

We don't think so. Head over to the Gininet CDN site and see it for yourself.

  • 1: Only our 'Special' plan
  • 2: By selecting origin server based on location