What is Ginicast ?

Ginicast gives you the tools to share and monetize live video .

Ginicast allows you to connect with your fans and followers by hosting

engagements and events and even selling products.

There are different levels of engagement which you choose.

Ginicast gives you everything you need to schedule and charge for your

live interactive events/services.

Ginicast is free to use, there are no subscription fees.

How does Ginicast help you make money?

You can charge for one to one engagements per session in real time.

You can sell tickets to one to many events at different price levels.

You keep up to 90% of the revenue generated from your live sessions.

How does Ginicast help you to trade globally?

Ginicast allows you to transact with your buyers on a global scale.

Ginicast can process micropayments

You can cash out in your local currency using Paypal.

Ginicast allows you to trade without risk of not being paid.


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