What is Ginibox

Ginibox is our white label streaming solution for Small to Medium Enterprises, organisations and larger scale content providers. Ginibox is a zero time-to-market (TTM) platform to facilitate one-to-one interactive sessions and one-to-many events.

Ginibox has a simple interface where users can set up and monitor their sessions and events. Ginibox works literally 'out of the box'.

What does Ginibox allow you to do?

Ginibox allows you to connect with your fans, clients and staff via computer and mobile to engage in one-to-one sessions, host events and to sell products.

Ginibox is your own branded portal with your logo and colour scheme. It allows you to promote your own events and services to your customers and staff, at a time to suit you, for a period you decide, at a price you determine, to a number of people you set and with different engagement levels that you choose.

Ginibox helps you to sell your services, events and products live and interactively online. Ginibox allows you to engage with your clients and/or audience who cannot get to a meeting, demonstration, an event, or if your event is sold out. Ginibox gives you the opportunity to add additional revenue to your business or create new income, by streaming your event to a much wider, paying if you wish, online audience.

Ginibox brings you a wider community plus direct access to analytics in real time.

How do you make money from your Ginibox?

You can charge for your engagements and events. You decide how many people can join your events, what ticket types you will offer and the price of the tickets. You retain a minimum of 80% of the revenue that is generated.

Ginibox gives you the freedom to decide how your income (80%) is shared with your presenters and content creators.

If you generate good levels of revenue in a calendar month you may receive a rebate of up to another 10%. This means you could be earning up to 90% of the revenue generated.

How do we set up your Ginibox?

Ginibox is a licensed Gininet product. It has an initial licence fee plus a monthly service charge. Gininet hosts and operates the box on behalf of you the licensee. Gininet builds your Ginibox from the information you supply - essentially your logo and 2 colours.

What are the benefits of Ginibox?

  • Branded portal – logo and 2 colours
  • Promote events on your home page
  • Analytics
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • Earn commission if you sell tickets to other Ginibox events
  • Your own community as well as access to a wider community.
  • Technical Support


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