Agents Commission Structure


Gininet Agents
A Gininet Agent is a commission-only sales person or organisation who, using their own contacts, generates sales of the Gininet licensed product range, and specifically Giniboxes. The commission is paid monthly in arrears on receipt of funds by Gininet.

Interested parties can apply online via the Gininet website to become an Agent. They complete an online application form, giving certain undertakings including a minimum of 1 sale per month. This is then subject to a selection process before receiving confirmation.

Agents who sell Ginibox white label licenses receive up to 60% commission of the upfront license fee. The recommended retail price is £2,000 (+VAT).

Gininet agent commission structure for up-front fees – sales revenue per calendar month
Up to £2k - 20%
£4k + - 40%
£10k + - 50%
£20k + - 60%

The Agent receives 20% of the monthly licence fee. The recommended monthly licence fee is £200 per month.

An Agent is also paid a commission of 10% of the monthly Gininet net income from each Ginibox they sell. This will incentivise the Agents to keep in regular contact with the Ginibox licensee and work with them to generate revenue via paid for engagements and events. Gininet can terminate this part of the agreement giving 90 days notice.

An agent who does not sell a minimum of 1 Ginibox per month will be charged an administration fee of £50 per month to cover CRM software and overhead costs.

An Agency agreement is for an initial period of one year, with a rolling 3 month termination period thereafter.

Ginibox Rebates
Ginibox Licensee Rebates

To encourage and reward Ginibox licensees who generate substantial income, we have established levels for monthly rebates against the amount of turnover a Ginibox creates.
Gininet makes 20% commission on each individual trade on a site. These trades will be accumulated during each calendar month and each Ginibox licensee who hits an income target will receive a rebate by bank transfer during the first week of the following month.

Monthly figures and rebate trade per month
£25,000 = 5% rebate
£50,000 = 10% rebate

Therefore a Ginibox that generates a turnover of £100,000 in a calendar month would receive 80% of the revenue generated. Gininet would make £20k in revenue and the agent would receive £4k. (20%)


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